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Interesting facts and information about Swindon Borough Council from Openly Local, direct access to data which might otherwise be tricky to find!
Devoted to the history of computing and digital development, the museum has active displays as well as providing a forum for the provision of lectures. Well worth a visit.

Over 10,000 Swindon related photographs, submitted by over 250 photographers, excellent slide show viewing.
Information and advice to individuals and organisations about volunteering.
Group working with the Linux operating system, holds meetings in Swindon.
The local volunteer bureau for Swindon and the surrounding area, offering advice and support to people interested in volunteering and to organisations who involve volunteers in their work.
Regular events with everything about weddings, from bridal outfits to photography, through to honeymoons.
Charity which aims to help individuals and families in crisis by providing free emergency food until appropriate agencies are able to help.
Main council website.
Facilitating communication between organisations and individuals in Swindon and Torun.
Opposition group against the development of Swindon's front garden.
Wide-ranging group opposed to the war, including muslims, christians, atheists, bhuddists, trade unionists, greens, socialists, lib dems, animal welfare campaigners and assorted peace activists.
Local crop circle website.
Local charity aiming to build and and run a high quality animal sanctuary in the Swindon area of Wiltshire in the UK.
News, information and political developments in Haydon Wick.
A brief, unofficial, visitors tour of this beautiful Wiltshire Country Park.
Information on what the local conservative association is doing in your area.
Life drawing, portrait courses, photography and life modelling.
Trust founded in 1995 in order to preserve the Swindon Mechanics' Institution building for the greatest possible benefit to the townspeople of Swindon.
Community Arts company.